Credit Application

We offer our loyal business and personal customers the opportunity to establish a line of credit for a simplified checkout experience. Our account holders receive consolidated monthly billing statements for easier expense tracking and speedier purchases at our locations. This helps you, or a designated individual doing business on your behalf, to get in, get out and be on your way.

Easy steps to simplified billing:

  • Complete a line of credit account application below. All accounts will go through a credit application review and credit check that may take up to two weeks.

  • Once your account is established, whenever you come in to purchase products or services, provide your account number and we’ll bill the total to your account.

  • Once a month we'll send you a bill and list of transactions–either via email or mail. Our billing cycle ends the 28th of each month and statements are delivered via email and mail on the 29th.

  • On or before the due date, pay by in person with cash, check or credit card, or by calling any of our locations.

  • You may qualify to receive a discount from 2-12% for prompt payment if payment is received before the 10th–this is based on a continued volume of purchases.

  • Finance charges will be assessed if the statement is not paid in full by the next billing cycle.

  • See terms and conditions.

Please contact our in-house Account Specialist with any questions or concerns you may have regarding opening a line of credit.

Rebecca Norris
Drop Off: West Tisbury Branch
Fax: 508-696-8644
For questions call 508-693-1385, ext. 102


Please complete and submit the appropriate application below and allow 5-7 business days for review. You will receive an email and phone call confirming the status of the account application once processed.


*If you prefer to print an application and drop it off at one of our locations instead of completing it online you can access those documents by clicking here for a Personal Application or by clicking here for a Business Application.